How to Deal With Nepotism Simply in the Workplace

Nepotism means to give favor to those who are someone’s near and dear. A person who has the authority and special power, but he uses it unfairly and refers to his family or friends. For example, such a person generates opportunities in the workplace or provides a job to an individual or a group. He […]

Official Launch of Beijing Remote Health Service Platform

At present, the epidemic of COVID-19 has entered a global pandemic period, and there has been an increasing demand for Chinese medicine from Chinese nationals, overseas Chinese and students, and foreigners at home and abroad. In order to provide them with an even faster and more convenient health service, the first Beijing Chinese-English bilingual Chinese […]

7 Tips to Maintain Beautiful Courtyard Garden

A lot of hard work and continuous efforts are required to maintain a beautiful garden in the courtyard. And, the worst thing happens when any plant in your small garden gets infected by a disease. A lot of questions surround your mind.  The biggest trouble is how to reverse this situation and restore the good […]

Can You Imagine Yourself a Food Lover?

It is said, “Eat, drink and marry” but food lovers believe in eating as much as they can. They have made eating their fervor and can’t help eating. While other people are interested in something else like painting, music, sports, and signing, etc. I have a brother, and he is not only loves eating but […]

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