6 Trending WhatsApp Wedding Invitations Designs!

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Electronic wedding invitations have made their place in the wedding invitation industry for the past 4 years, and with the passing year, their demand is also increasing day by day. And why not? Online wedding invitations are a fun & innovative way to make the big announcement in the coolest way. With the growing demand, the graphic designers & couples are coming up with quirky ideas for trending WhatsApp wedding invitation designs and the result is fabulous.

You’ll find the online WhatsApp wedding invitation cards in different formats – Video Invite, PDF, GIF, Static/ Image Card. With the different formats, you will also get to see the different invitation themes that are super cool, beautiful and completely outstanding.

So here are a few trending WhatsApp wedding invitation designs that you can pick for your 2022 wedding and make a lasting impression on your guests. 

Watercolour Wedding Invitations:

Watercolour invitations are always in trend and they never fail to win our hearts with their bespoke designs. You can get playful with your watercolour wedding card by choosing abstract designs, a soft colour palette that suits your personality, and classic fonts and it will surely wow your guests. 

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Pastel Tones

Another trending WhatsApp wedding invitation design is pastel colour wedding cards. If you are looking for a classic wedding invitation design then go with soft pastel shades and backgrounds with floral elements or caricatures.

2 States Theme Invites


Another hottest trend of Online wedding invitation designs in the year 2022 is 2 states theme wedding invitations. Brides & Grooms are adding a personal touch to their e-invite by incorporating the historical places from their hometown/ state along with maps & caricatures in traditional outfits.

Isn’t this the best way to show the beauty of your culture & the place where you belong?

If you both belong from different states then definitely go with 2 states theme digital wedding invitation design for your wedding in 2022

Side Walking Invitations

Side walking invitations are the other trending WhatsApp wedding invitation designs you’ll find on Instagram. If you want to add the caricatures but are not comfortable with showing your front face then opt for side walking video invitations. Moreover, by adding your venue illustration in the background & other quirky elements you can show the visual representation to your guests of what a grand celebration it is going to be.

Animated Caricature Invitations

One of our favourite trending WhatsApp wedding invitation designs is an animated caricature wedding e-invitation video. Animated caricatures add a cute factor to your cartoon wedding invitations. You can get a personalized video invite with animated caricatures in romantic poses or if you are a Bollywood fan then pick the signature pose of your favourite Bollywood movie and incorporate it into your wedding invite.

You’ll find many online wedding invitation makers who personalized video invites as per your requirements.

Floral Wedding Invitations

Floral wedding invitations trend will remain evergreen in the wedding invitation industry. When in doubt, pick the floral design for your wedding card and make an everlasting impression with your bespoke digital wedding invite.

So, these were a few of the trending WhatsApp wedding invitation designs that you can opt for your wedding in 2022. Which design would you like to pick for your wedding? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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