Big action coming’ against Twitter

Buzzfreek|The White House has announced that President Donald Trump will sign a presidential decree on social media companies on Thursday. The order comes after President Trump threatened to shut down social media companies, accusing them of trying to stifle voices.

The latest controversy erupted on Tuesday when Twitter first linked a “fact check” to two of President Trump’s tweets.

This means that there was a problem with the facts of the announcement or claim made by President Trump in his tweet and that better information on the subject is generally available and available which Twitter has tried to convey to its users. Is.

But President Trump seemed outraged. “Republicans think social media companies are trying to stifle conservative voices,” he tweeted. Let them continue to do so, before that strict rules will be imposed on them or they will be shut down completely.

Trump’s announcement
The White House has not yet commented on President Trump’s order, and it is unclear whether he will be able to do so without parliamentary approval.

On Wednesday, President Trump was scheduled to fly from Washington to Florida to watch NASA’s space launch, but it was canceled due to bad weather, and he again accused Twitter and other social media companies of bias without providing evidence.

“Twitter has shown that everything we say about it (and other social media) is true,” Trump wrote. There is going to be a big operation. ”

At the end of another tweet, Trump also wrote, “Big technology companies are censoring as much as they can in the run-up to the 2020 election, and I won’t let that happen.” In 2016, he also tried hard, but failed. So now they’re crazy. ”

His latest feud with Twitter, once Trump’s favorite social media platform, has rekindled his long-running feud with social media companies.

Twitter action on Trump’s tweet
On Tuesday, President Trump made two tweets claiming that “mail (postal) votes are voter fraud,” although he did not provide any evidence in his favor. ۔

Twitter then called Trump’s tweet unverified and put a link below it. Find out the facts. ”

After that, President Trump’s anger was seen by his 80 million followers. He even wrote in a tweet that “Twitter is openly suffocating freedom of expression.”

President Trump also wrote a post on Facebook on Tuesday about “mail voting” in which he made the same claim, but Facebook did not give any such warning to its users.

Speaking to US news channel Fox News on Wednesday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said, “It would be wrong for a government to claim to be concerned about censorship if it were to consider imposing censorship.”

US Federal Bureau of Investigation
Mark Zuckerberg’s full interview has not yet been broadcast by Fox News. According to reports, it will be broadcast today, Friday.

Twitter has recently cracked down on fake account operators and tightened the terms of use of its platform. There have been allegations on Twitter that it is easy to spread false information through this platform because no action is taken against those who do so.

Some other major US companies, such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, have also been accused of not caring about their users’ privacy. In some cases, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has questioned the companies.

Shares of Twitter and Facebook plunged in the stock market on Wednesday after Trump’s angry tweets. The BBC has not yet commented on the final reaction of Twitter, Facebook and Google to the matter.

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