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Long Touring Jackets – Just A Fashion Statement Or More?

Are you the proud owner of a motorcycle? Whether it’s a low seat Harley-Davidson, a casual use motorcycle, or the latest “street” bike, proper attire is highly recommended. Adventures are soul-feeding, and what better way to explore the adventurous core than on two wheels. Experience everything, from the view, to the fresh breeze against your cheeks. Embracing comfort will not only make a long-distance trip more comfortable but also give a greater sense of security in the unfortunate event of an accident. Motorcyclists prefer leather jackets for multiple reasons. Jag Powered offers the most stylish and comfortable Long touring jackets. These jackets are a must-have for your next exciting adventure.


Long touring jackets vs Regular jackets

The long touring jackets may not apparently be much different from the regular jackets. It goes without saying that the difference does exist. Regular jackets are either too thin which would be feasible only in summers just to create a stylish look and feel. The thin jackets sometimes allow in an adequate amount of air but they are not suitable for covering yourself in winter. Regular jackets may look trendy, but they are not sustainable for longer routes or being worn constantly. Long touring jackets are the most suitable for any bike tour that requires more than a day. The windy breeze on the road hits you from every angle and carries with it bugs, rocks, sand and who knows what else. These jackets are undoubtedly different from any other jacket you have ever seen. The durability is one of the sole purposes of a long touring jacket.


The most false stereotype regarding jackets is that they are only suitable for winter. We aren’t saying that if you wear a long touring jacket while riding your bike you won’t suffer any injuries in case of an accident. However, the damage is contained to be minimal and somewhat treatable. The dense padding acts as an airbag between you and the road, absorbing impact force. This protects your body from undergoing major injuries like a fracture or worse limb dislocation.


What To Look For In A Leather Jacket?

Jackets now come in a large variety of styles and fabrics. Polyester and similar raw materials are being used to make jackets and these jackets are then sold out fast like hot cakes. Their affordability makes them the highest selling product, nowadays. If you are just looking to make a fashion statement for merely a couple of hours, then there is no shame or harm in that.

Original Vs Faux Leather

Many products are now labeled as “original leather”, but 85% of the time, they are just forged to give the look of leather. The faux leather is generally called “rexine”. It is far cheaper than original leather and rightfully so because it withers away 10 times quicker than pure leather.


The easiest way to distinguish between original and synthetic leather is to slightly scratch your fingernail on the surface, if it remains intact then it’s original. Faux leather jackets look clumsy and make you feel hot at all times due to the lack of ventilation. Our long touring jackets have several amazing features like removable liners, reflective piping, vents for airflow, etc. Removable liners make the jackets suitable for any kind of weather. The reflective piping keeps your jacket dry, both externally and internally so that you can ride sweat-free. Jag Powered long touring leather jackets justify the name and protect you from serious injuries in the unfortunate event of an accident.

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