Outdoor vs. Indoor Commercial Signs in Washington, DC

If you are a business owner in Washington, DC, you will need to invest money on matters that count. And commercial signs in Washington, DC, are one of them. Since the market offers you an array of signs, you could find it challenging to decide what would suit your needs the best. Whether you should get a bold and flashy outdoor sign installed to impress passersby or invest in more personalized indoor signs to impress people once they step inside your store, the choice could be difficult. You should consider your business needs and goals when selecting commercial signs for your office, warehouse, or business facility.

To help you decide between outdoor and indoor signs, here are some factors you should consider.

The Objective of Your Signs

Outdoor signs are crafted to grab the attention of prospective customers and attract them to your offerings while educating them about the products or services. Since these signs have tough competition from other varieties of signs, outdoor video screens, and more, they will have just a few seconds to create an impact. These signs should grab passerby’s attention and keep them hooked long enough to pass your intended message.

In contrast, the primary target audience of indoor signs is people who have walked through your store’s front door. Unlike casual passersby who stumble on your signage accidentally and read it, these people have stepped inside your store willingly. Thus, your indoor signs should welcome and educate them further with precise and crisp messaging.

Differences in Materials

As the name suggests, outdoor commercial signs in Washington, DC, are installed outside and remain there for days, weeks, or even months. Consequently, they are exposed to extreme weather elements every single day through all the diverse seasons of the year and undergo a lot of wear and tear. From harsh UV rays of sunlight to dirt and dust, rain, hail, and storm, they have to take a beating from various elements and yet, stand steady. This is why your outdoor signs need to be made of sturdy materials and come equipped with weather-appropriate hardware. Additionally, you will need to schedule their regular maintenance to avert any permanent damage.

Since indoor signs aren’t exposed to the elements as much as their outdoor counterparts, they can be crafted of materials that aren’t as strong as outdoor signs. However, that doesn’t imply you should compromise on their quality. Since you will need your indoor signs to last long and appear professional, you should get them designed using suitable materials. For instance, temperature increases or drops can have an effect on your indoor signs, but you can resolve the problem by selecting an appropriate material for your custom commercial signs in Washington, DC by Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays. If you aren’t sure what materials would work the best for your indoor or outdoor signs, your print partner can help you make the right decision.

Differences in Accessibility

The target audience of outdoor signs is much larger than indoor signs. Though you can personalize such signs to a small extent to boost their accessibility, you can’t do it to the same degree as indoor signs. Indoor signs give you a lot more freedom to customize your user experiences with VR, touch, motion tracking, or gestures, which is difficult to do with outdoor signs. For instance, you could install signs and displays with touchscreen capabilities to encourage users to interact with them and find the information they need to place orders. You could even have indoor signs with scan-able codes that your users can scan with their smartphones or other smart devices to get more information about the products or services.

Though you can use similar options for your outdoor signs too, such as visual recognition or augmented reality, they will cost more than they do for indoor signs.

Printer for Your Commercial Signs in Washington, DC

Whether you need outdoor or indoor signs after considering the above factors, you can depend on Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays. Having spent 4+ decades in the industry, this veteran-owned, full-service printer can deliver engaging and impactful commercial signs in Washington, DC for your business that will help you entice new customers while retaining and wowing your existing ones.

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