The Corona Virus Epidemic and the World Bosses

The Virus and the World Bosses
Welcome to the world’s new heroes, the World Bosses with Corona Virus War. Read this post with an open heart and open mouth. Man does the wrong to himself and blames God for the wrong happening due to his deeds. It seems that the 3rd continuation corona planted by china! Examine this writing to know the other side of it. First of all, understand that there are two groups of Bosses in the world. The following are some of the New World Order issued since 9/11.
• Combat Group
• Trade Group

Combat Group is consisting mostly of US, UK, NATO, and European Union countries and allied countries. Trade Group is comprised of China, Russia, North Korea, and their affiliated countries

First Scene: December 2019 Curtain raises: Disease spreads in China Which becomes a major calamity for China and paralyzes its commercial power. The veil falls.

Second Scene: early January 2020 curtain raises: Chinese yew online is rapidly losing its value and China is unable to do anything about it. The veil falls.

Third Scene: End of January 2020 curtain raises: All US and European companies operating in the China-based market lose 40% of their value due to the closure of trade in China.

Fourth Scene: February 2020 curtain raises: Corona Virus is spreading worldwide. At the same time, China quietly buys most of the local companies closed due to the country’s bailout package due to the country’s Corona Virus but also shares up to 30% of all European and American companies. The veil falls again.

Fifth Scene: March 2020 curtain raises: China controls the Corona epidemic. Meanwhile, European and American companies have regained control and decide that since China is now out of control over Europe and the United States is badly affected, so all companies can earn billions of dollars in pesticide-related trade while living in China. Just like the chess queen of the highest chess!

Sixth Scene: End of March 2020 the check and checkmate, an incredible but stereo observation. Two videos on the world media make me realize that the corona epidemic was a propaganda of the Trade Group.

What is happening on a global scale? I always say that I draw the complete picture by joining all the points. Only then you will be able to understand, what is happening on the world level?
The first point is that China has already prepared itself to tackle the Corona Virus war. The Chinese New Year and its associated holidays were the perfect time to work when China can put down European and American nations fully engrossed in festivals such as Black Friday and Christmas.

As it all begins, the 12,000-bed hospital in Wuhan’s Epic Center. The same will build in an incredible period of one week after all the required equipment is already in place. Only in the shortest period, to shock and scare the world together that the matter is very dangerous. Look at our power that a country like the United States of America cannot do what we have done. Keep in mind the 12,000-bed operational hospital.

What a great work! Now on March 24, the Chinese declare that they have overcome the outbreak. Videos from China appear on world media that they have defeated the Corona epidemic in the form of a “catastrophic disaster” and are rejoicing. Meanwhile, the rest of the world has almost locked-down in India. As nearly 1 quarter of the world’s countries and all major populations that include Pakistan have locked down.

Recently, the Chinese also announced that they had a vaccine that strengthens the human immune system against this “virus”. Even though he is not talking about it openly yet, his claims are visible. In the meantime, even when it was previously known that this “virus” is so mysterious, its genetic code could not be ascertained yet.

But surprisingly, vaccine claims are also made? But, if you own a mysterious “virus” formula, you already have everything the virus does and its vaccine too. Exactly like the movies made in Hollywood’s epidemic virus. The only difference was that this time, the movie was showing, not in Hollywood, but in fact in the form of a nightmare.

In the fulfillment of the interest of the Bosses is just like a War of elephants that ruin the grass. The Corona Virus War has begun, I just guessed both sides of the picture and shared the other one that seems to me. I might explain in the next article the rest of the picture if it molds you to think about what is happening in the world.

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